Mieosis and sperm slides

We report the analysis, by multicolour fluorescence in situ hybridization FISH , of meiotic segregation and aneuploidy of chromosomes X, Y, 7, 8 and 21 in sperm from three men who are carriers of two different translocations involving chromosomes 11 and A control group comprised ten young, healthy normospermic men. This difference was caused by elevated frequencies of disomy and diploidy in two of our carriers. FISH analysis provides information useful for genetic counseling and assisted reproduction.
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Sperm - Molecular Biology of the Cell - NCBI Bookshelf

Meiosis and the Formation of Eggs and Sperm March 1, Readings: Meiosis: Ch 9: p - , - , Figure 9. Just like everyone else Remember that is a typical diploid cell 2n , there are two copies of each chromosome. Homologous chromosomes , or homologues , are pairs of chromosomes identica l in size, shape, and for the most part gene sequence, that interact during meiosis.

NCBI Bookshelf. Molecular Biology of the Cell. New York: Garland Science; In most species, there are just two types of gamete , and they are radically different. The egg is among the largest cells in an organism, while the sperm spermatozoon , plural spermatozoa is often the smallest.
Sperm cells are gametes sex cells that are produced in the testicular organ gonad of male human beings and animals. Like the female gamete Oocyte , sperm cells carry a total of 23 chromosomes that are a result of a process known as meiosis. In both animals and human beings, among many other organisms, these cells are involved in the sexual mode of reproduction which involves the interaction of male and female gametes. The general morphology of sperm cells consists of the following parts:. Before looking at the structure and function of sperm cells, it is important to understand the process involved in their production spermatogenesis.
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