Socializing in our societies revolves around food and drinks. The Super bowl was this past weekend. Did you get something that made you sick, did you take your own food or, have your own party?

I want to get to know you. What’s your story? How did you find out you were allergic to gluten and/or food allergies? Where do you want to be in 2 months?

I am celebrating my gut being healed this month. It took 2 years but my journey started 6 years ago. Everyday feeling crappy, low energy, foggy headed, feeling hungry all the time, bloated after eating pasta, bread or beer, and Roseau that I had for years.

I thought I was stressed and wasn’t happy at my job. I moved to Austin. Tobin, my boyfriend, now hubby and I ate pizza, pasta and crab cakes one weekend. That Monday I came home from work. I was miserable. I had nausea, abdominal pain and a headache.

The next day Tobin suggested that I take out gluten. He had a friend that couldn’t eat it and thought it might be the problem. I didn’t know what it was but I thought it was worth a shot. 2 weeks passed and I tried to eat a cinnamon roll. Within 30 minutes I was sick. I knew that gluten was part of the reason I was feeling so horrible all the time.

That’s part 1. Over the next several weeks I will be sharing my story. I want to help you get healthier faster to the things that you love.

Have you had a similar experience? Have you felt like I did?

TIP: Once you figure out you are or think your allergic to gluten or a food find a knowledgeable doctor to go to!

Leave a comment on the blog letting me know what your struggling with, questions, what would help you have ease around eating healthy. I can’t wait to hear from you.

If your suffering from feeling tired,cant lose that weight,bloating or keep getting sick and don’t know why. Or you might be gluten intolerance and/or have food allergies. You want the guidance on what to do first,where to start,or if you need some extra support. Then sign up for your Clarity session here: