Do you feel  like a bomb has gone off?  Gluten Free foods are every where!

All the Gluten Free foods that we are getting marketed to us 24/7. Its overwhelming for me at times.  It’s great to have food we can use if we something quick. I don’t recommend using any packaged products as a staple.  Keep it clean and organic when you do purchase them.

I’m sure you saw it at the Superbowl party you were at. If you are eating gluten free or going gluten free then you are told all you need do is take the gluten out and eat these foods. I am here to tell you this is not the path that you want to go. I did it and it kept me sick. I didnt heal for years because of this buying the gluten free foods with chemicals, and toxins. If you just went gluten free or have food allergies it can be even more stressful, confusing and  overwhelming because of all the marketing out there.

There are a ton of gluten free substitutes marketed to you out there. Quinoa is what we are going to talk. It’s marketed to us as a food that we can eat that is ok for us since we are eating gluten free.

I want to let you know about a little secret about Quinoa.

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