Hi Beautiful,

Thanksgiving is an in a few days. I woke up this morning realizing that I had over committed myself because of the holidays.

It’s easy to do this. You want to say yes to everyone, especially during the holidays. When we do this we aren’t setting boundaries or taking care of you. Don’t forget , you have to take care of yourself to fill up your  tank of love to give to others.

Are you going to be traveling or going to someone else home for Thanksgiving? Are you, worried or concerned about how you’re going to handle the questions or how you’re going to eat?

I made this video for you.

3 tips on traveling and empowering others on you eating gluten free.



I give some tips on how to handle traveling and empowering others around how you eat.

Do you feel like others should be responsible for how you eat if they are hosting the dinner or event? I hear this every day from women that I work with. The thing is you’re responsible for how you live and eat. Other people can’t make those choices for you.

They don’t understand all the in’s and out’s of eating completely gluten free and they probably don’t feel comfortable trying to make your food. You, may not either. This is a time to enjoy the people that you are spending time with and be generous and loving.

Learning about eating gluten free and living this way doesn’t happen over night.

What are you grateful for ?

I am grateful for my amazing clients that I get to help, my tribe and the family and friends I will be spending time with over Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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