Easter is coming up. Any kind of holiday can bring comments, questions and remarks about how you eat since switching to a gluten free diet.

The challenge you face is how do I respond or not let this disempower me around my eating and being in social situations. Some comments or remarks that you might here are:

“Sorry you can’t eat this dish now”

“You are missing out on delicious food that Aunt Mary made for  today”

Does this make you embarrassed about how you eat when your around other people? or at a restaurant?

Do you fear having people making the comments, remarks or even asking questions now? Since they know that your eating is limited and really sucks!!!

Do you want to avoid social situations?

I struggled with this for many years and I had it happen to me at an event I attend a couple of weeks  ago.

I made this video to give 2 simple tips to empower yourself around this situation.

Switching to a gluten free lifestyle can be overwhelming, and confusing for some people.

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