How did you spend Valentine’s day?

I went to a Valentine; A candle night of horror. Yes a haunted house on Valentine’s with my husband. This was right up my alley. The experience with my husband was amazing. ☺ One of the things that you will learn about me is I love Halloween and anything scary so this was perfect.

I have been sharing my journey so that you can get to know my story and show you that I have been down this path and you can regain your health and life again.

Sharing more of my journey around gluten intolerance and food allergies from where I left off. Once I figured out that gluten was making me sick. I went to several functional doctors. One helped me figure out I was allergic to corn, dairy and that I was celiac. I would start to feel good and then go backwards and start feeling like I had no energy, nausea, foggy headiness, bloated and feeling crappy. I knew I hadn’t eaten any gluten. At least that is what I thought. My doctor gave me some vitamins and said that my body was healing.

I started to do research on the internet. I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to know about anything gluten, food related or anything that could be making me sick. I started pulling out anything that contained gluten besides what was in my diet. I took out gluten in my makeup, and personal products. I started to do research on chemicals and how these chemicals affected people’s health. I decided to take out chemicals in any personal products, makeup, and household cleaners out of my house.

In doing my research I found some information on blog that said that you should be tested for food allergies so you knew what was making you sick. I asked my current doctor to do a food allergy test. He said that I didn’t need a test to keep doing what I was doing. I knew that this wasn’t helping get better so I found a new doctor.

My next doctor gave me a food allergy test for Ig antibodies. The results came back and were confusing. The test showed that I was allergic to almost every kind of food. How was that even possible? She put me on a rotation diet. The idea is that you rotate a family of foods out every 4 days and that your body should be able to handle the food allergies this way. The diet only stressed me out and I wasn’t feeling any better. I wanted to feel good again, have energy, not feel bloated and have a clear head. I missed doing the things that I loved like hiking, going to parties, hanging out with my husband. Enjoying life. I never felt good when I did things now.

Once again I started researching for hours and hours. I finally found my current doctor. He seem to specialize around gluten. I made an appointment with him. Between my research and my doctor I started to get healthy again.

TIP: Love yourself and put your health first. If you have low energy, bloated, foggy headiness, nausea or migraines. These are just a few symptoms of gluten intolerance or food allergies. Go to a doctor who will listen to you and figure out what is going on. Learn about what is out there that will help you and ask your doctor to do that. If they wont go find another doctor.

Have you experienced anything like this? Are you still struggling with some of these symptoms?

Leave a comment on the blog letting me know what your struggling with, questions, what would help you have ease around eating healthy. I can’t wait to hear from you. Just hit reply and let me know.

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