Wooohooo. The Christmas Survival Series is a success!
What we covered in this video:
  • A Hidden source of Gluten that is keeping you sick!
  • All kinds of gums are being used such as Xantham Gum , Gellan Gum ,Guar Gum , Locust Bean Gum and Arabic Gum . These are few you will see on label. I explain why you don’t want to have these in products that you use.
  • Why it makes you sick.

I am going to leave with a few resources for the Christmas Holidays so here they are:

1) A Common question I am asked during the holidays. I want to cook a “normal” dinner for my family even though I am gluten intolerant. I am not going to eat any of the food I make for them.

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2) the opportunity to book a Complimentary Gluten Free Strategy Call with me. On this call we will help you:

  • Cut through your confusion, get you unstuck, and started with tips on how to switch to a gluten free diet
  • Design a plan that will switch you to a gluten free lifestyle with ease and freedom
  • and decide whether or not we are a good fit to work together to use the proven system that I myself and others have use to switch to a gluten free diet and lifestyle.
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I would  of course, LOVE the chance to speak with you! If you’re not ready yet, that’s ok too! I have you covered in this series.
I’ve had the honor of coaching the most incredible people:


Jacqueline GrantProject Manager
Since working with Connie I have gained clarity on what food to eat. She helped me with my misconceptions I had around food and eating that I didn’t know were stopping me from taking actions to get healthy. She encouraged me in getting into an exercise program and she saved me tedious hours of time with her knowledge of gluten intolerance and hidden sources so that I didn’t make mistakes over and over. And she will teach you how these things really impact your health that you’re not aware of, as well as hold you to your word. With her help I finally got free from the frustration and I got healthier faster with Connie’s knowledge and coaching.
Donie Torrance 

Working with Connie gave me the confidence to have conversations with people on how I had to eat, she made it easy. Now I can go out to any social event and not worry about what people will think. She helped way beyond the food aspect itself, with things I never imagined were hindering me. With Connie’s help I am getting healthier faster than I would on my own and have a lot more food options.

Looking for more Gluten Free tips to survive the Christmas Holidays. Watch here