Hi Friend,

Most people think that “Its just taking the food out” then you get healthy no problems and its smooth sailing. I wish I could tell you its that easy. If you are going on the journey of eating gluten free or paleo. I heard you say its not easy to do. I understand that. I have been down this path myself.

I want to share with you that even I get sick sometimes. It does get easier to figure this all out. I will be sharing my story and what you can do to prevent cross contamination as much as possible soon.

I have been dealing with cross contamination

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These are a few tips to go off in the weekend with: 1)Cross contamination can happen to anyone and thats ok. Don’t beat your self up over it. 2) You, my friend just have to ride it out. There are a few things that can help you feel better. Drink bone broth. This is a  great anti-inflammatory drink for helping heal the gut. Another anti-inflammatory herb is ginger. Make ginger tea to drink. Ginger also helps with muscle and joint pain.

I am hear to help you my friend get healthier faster to the things that you love.

I have heard what your looking for tips on how to stay motivated and not fall back into how you were eating before, quick, simple and easy recipes that you can batch or make quickly and easily. 🙂

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Have a great weekend and I will be celebrating Earth day this weekend. I will share some cool things from that.