I’ve been struggling to go gluten-free for nearly a year. Despite my  best intentions, I always seemed to get ‘glutened’ and end up sick and  in pain. This book has finally put an end to that. The tips and  resources for keeping your home and life gluten-free are a game changer!

Julia Sydnor founder of Pixel

You think you know about the hidden sources of gluten. But you are still getting SICK!

Are you newly diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance? Need a plan around how to make Gluten Free meals?

Don't know where to start on how to make delicious Gluten Free meals easily, without cross contaminating something or missing some hidden source of Gluten?

And are you still making mistakes at social gatherings or is your family not eating Gluten Free like you and this makes meal prep a challenge? 

..... it really opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong when it came  to cross contamination in my kitchen.  I thought I was just being  careful with buying gluten free foods but now I know that many of the  gluten free labeled foods are not actually 100% gluten free which is why  I was still getting sick. This book has really changed my habits. A  must read for anyone with gluten sensitivity!"

Rachel Thornhill- Owner Branding Sensei

This book will give you the step by step essentials to get started in switching to a Gluten Free lifestyle!
Happily, Connie Curtis -aka the Gluten and Food Allergy specialist has got your back. Connie struggled with being sick from gluten and switching to a true gluten free diet (not the traditional gluten free diet we have all been taught) and lifestyle for several years. Realizing all the negative impacts on her health, relationships, and all aspects of her life. Connie has made it her mission to educate you on eating a true gluten free diet, living a gluten free lifestyle, eating real organic whole food and living a healthy lifestyle.

21 Days to Gluten Free” contains a wealth of information. Connie’s systematic approach is energetic and far more encompassing than ....  I  believe her approach will serve to reduce and eventually eliminate your  body’s inflammation resulting from consuming not just gluten found in  wheat, rye, and barely, but the different types of gluten found in all  other grains.

Lily Oberg, Certified Health Coach

Written with truth and passion, “Gluten Free In 21 Days” shows step by  step how to switch to a gluten free diet and lifestyle. The pitfalls and mistakes still making you sick with gluten, essential lifestyle elements that need to be considered in your kitchen that are keeping you sick, conversations to have with friends, family, and coworkers that will have them join your team, crucial shopping strategies, solutions to the
....'what do I eat now?"  mystery, how to do it on a budget, how to make great tasting recipes on a budget, health tips, and a meal plan to get started in 21 days.

Connie will show you how to save time, money, cut out mistakes, and give you tasty options.


"I have been struggling with eating gluten free since finding out I have  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This book is full of helpful information and  would have saved me from making countless mistakes. It also gave me easy  options for quick meals I can make. "

Stacey James

Who will benefit from this book?

Anyone newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance or that has been living gluten free and is still getting sick.  Confused, overwhelmed and needs guidance on where to start. YOU have the power to change your lifestyle and health..